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Jessica Bonanno

Director of Strategy Development & Operations

Jessica Bonanno is the Democracy Collaborative’s Director of Strategy Development & Operations, working out of the Cleveland office. In addition to her role with internal organizational development, she serves as a consultant and project lead in TDC’s advisory practice, and she also provides business development support to the Evergreen Cooperatives.

Jessica's primary areas of expertise include impact investing, organizational design, and business development, with a special emphasis on start-ups, social ventures, and small to medium sized enterprises. Her early career was spent as a micro-entrepreneur, teacher, and the leader of multiple mission-driven community organizations. After becoming aware of cooperative business ownership models and the broader social enterprise movement, she returned to earn her M.B.A. at The University of Notre Dame, as an M.B.A. Fellow and Forte Foundation Fellow. During this time, Jessica concentrated in investments and social business models and served as an Associate in an early-stage investment office, an Equity Analyst for the university’s endowment, and a Consultant to several domestic and international impact organizations, including Catholic Relief Services, The Irish Angels, and The Valley Alliance for Worker Cooperatives.

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