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Justin Huenemann

TDC Board Member; Board Member of Woodlands National Bank, Indian Health Board, and the Tiwahe Foundation

Justin Huenemann is a 20-year-veteran in the nonprofit, government, and higher education sectors, and has spent the bulk of his career focusing on how to improve economic opportunities in low income families, Native American communities and communities of color.

Huenemann serves as the Executive Director of the Notah Begay III Foundation (NB3). Before coming to the NB3 Foundation, Huenemann, a graduate of the University of Minnesota, he served as a senior program officer for the Northwest Area Foundation. He was also the founding president and CEO of the award-winning Native American Community Development Institute (NACDI), where he established the American Indian Cultural Corridor.

Prior to joining the NB3 Foundation, Huenemann served as a Senior Program Officer for the Northwest Area Foundation (NWAF).  With a mission to reduce poverty and build sustainable prosperity, Huenemann supported champions of change who were building assets, wealth and opportunity in rural, urban and Native American communities across eight states and 75 tribal nations.

Mr. Huenemann currently serves on the boards of Woodlands National Bank, Indian Health Board and the Tiwahe Foundation. Over the years he has received several notable awards, including the “Mayor’s Healthy City Award” from the City of Minneapolis and Abbott Northwestern Hospital Foundation and the Bear Award from the Minnesota American Indian Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Huenemann holds a B.A. degree in Architecture and a M.A. degree in Higher Education Administration from the University of Minnesota.