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5 Cities Building Wealth Through People Power

Cat Johnson

Cat Johnson of Shareable highlights some of the case studies presented in the Democracy Collaborative report, Cities Building Community Wealth in an effort to unite communities behind this new, inclusive approach to economic development.

Community wealth building is a way of strengthening communities by supporting democratic ownership and control of local businesses. This means more opportunity, inclusion and prosperity for the many, not just the few. This is aligned with Shareable's vision for Sharing Cities and cooperative economies.

A new report by the Democracy Collaborative profiles some of the most forward-thinking cities focused on building community wealth in the U.S. Cities Building Community Wealth is a collection of 20 stories about 20 cities that are “emblematic of the new players and approaches of community wealth building.” The 20 cities chosen are home to innovative models of worker-owned coops, land trusts, city-owned banks, publicly-owned energy, and more... Read full article.