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Alex Heaton

Research Fellow

Alexander Heaton is a research consultant with over five years of experience conducting domestic and international research projects for government and non-government organizations alike. He spent the last year as a fellow with the United States Department of State, working with regional banks and local governments to implement pro-poor development programs across sub-Saharan Africa and Eastern Europe. Prior to this he worked for the United States Census Bureau, where he was responsible for conducting outreach to thousands of businesses that had yet to report for the various community surveys.

For his master’s degree Mr. Heaton attended the American University School of International Service where he received an MA in International Development. His capstone research project involved assessing the impacts of large-scale infrastructure investments in Jordan, as a consultant for NGO NomoGaia. For his undergraduate education he attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, getting a BA in History with a focus on American foreign policy as well as significant coursework in applied economics. During his time in Wisconsin he participated in the Economist Trainee program with the US Army Corps of Engineers. As an economist trainee he was responsible for conducting a survey of businesses and local governments to assess the financial impact of the 2012 drought event on the Mississippi River Valley.