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America’s Next Wave of Student Protests Takes Aim at Capitalism

C. Robert Gibson

Since most young people under the age of 50 favor socialism over capitalism, it should come as no surprise that this cultural change is manifesting at universities. This article highlights some of the major movements currently taking place at universities, including the Next System Project Teach-Ins, to be held nationwide in Spring 2016.

In 2016, an entirely new wave of campus activism is hitting schools in the form of teach-ins, chiefly focused on finding a way to move beyond capitalism as the dominant socioeconomic system in the United States.

“Growing up, we were taught that there were only two choices for an economic system: state socialism or unfettered capitalism, which is false,” said Dana Brown, coordinator of the Next System Project‘s teach-ins. “But there has yet to be a national discussion about what comes after our current system and how we get there. We believe college campuses are the best place to begin that conversation.” Read full article.