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Boston Commercial Kitchen Workers Are One Step Closer to Ownership

Oscar Perry Abello

In this article for the Next City, Oscar Perry Abello details the City Fresh Foods cooperative, citing Democracy Collaborative Vice President and Senior Fellow Marjorie Kelly's work on broad-based ownership:

“There is definitely growing momentum around worker-owned companies right now, particularly in the worker cooperatives sector,” says Marjorie Kelly, senior vice president of the Democracy Collaborative and co-author of their recent report on broad-based ownership models as tools to create jobs and build community wealth.

“This is the next critical wave of creating a democratic economy. In the 1940s, as a nation we made an imperfect but concerted drive to spread homeownership to the point where two-thirds of Americans now own their own home,” Kelly adds. “I think broadening business ownership would be transformative and potentially a part of the answer to the problem of wealth inequality.” Read full article.