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Building Community Capacity for Energy Democracy: A Deck of Strategies

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John Duda, Thomas Hanna, and Matthew Burke

As part of our work on The Next System Project, we are incredibly interested in the conversation around energy democracy: using the imperative of a switch to greener sources of power as an opportunity to also advance new forms of engaged community capacity and democratized wealth. But behind this simple basic principle is a bewildering array of actual strategies to be deployed on a shifting technological and regulatory canvas.  We began writing a traditional report to compare and contrast this inventory of tools in the energy democracy toolbox, but realized that there might be a better and more engaging way to present this information—and so, taking inspiration both from Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies (a card deck that encourages end-runs around creative roadblocks) as well as more mundane strategy card games like Magic: The Gathering,  we present our deck of strategies for energy democracy, in a format we help will encourage advocates for a equitable green transition to identify new possibilities and tactical combinations.

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