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Democracy Collaborative statement on voluntary union recognition

The Democracy Collaborative (TDC) is excited to announce that a majority of our eligible employees have chosen to affiliate with Nonprofit Professional Employees (NPEU) Local 70, an affiliate of International Federation of Professional and Technical Employees (IFPTE), and that TDC has voluntarily recognized the union as the collective bargaining representative for these eligible staff members.

As a rapidly growing nonprofit research institute committed to economic justice, we join peer organizations like the Center for Economic and Policy Research, the Center for Community Change, the Economic Policy Institute, the Center for American Progress, and the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities which have similarly opted to affirm their employees’ right to choose collective representation, and which have also recognized IFPTE-affiliated staff unions at their respective organizations.

We look forward to the successful completion of the collective bargaining process that begins today with our recognition of the union, and anticipate that this new structure for representation in the workplace will help our already incredible staff work even more effectively to advance the mission of The Democracy Collaborative.