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Director: 2° Lending Innovation Network

Hours: Full-time, salaried.
Benefits: Generous benefits package (medical, dental, sick days, holidays, retirement)
Supervisor: Joe Guinan, Executive Director, Next System Project, The Democracy Collaborative (Washington, DC) or Fran Boait, Executive Director, Positive Money (London)
Salary: Competitive
Application Deadline: Until filled

About 2° Lending

2° Lending is an action-focused “innovation network” of representatives from across the banking sector that is employing its members’ expertise and influence to redirect credit towards climate-safe projects in the real economy on a massive scale. The mission of this new multi-stakeholder, cross-industry collaboration is:

To make bank lending in Europe and North America carbon neutral by 2025 and to align bank lending practices and policies with the goal of keeping the planet below a 2° Celsius rise in global temperature.

2° Lending seeks a banking system that treats a safe climate as a central concern in lending policy and practice, rather than as a discretionary consideration. As the world’s largest source of finance, bank lending is positioned to play a critical role in either exacerbating or alleviating the climate crisis. It determines not only which projects get funded and which don’t, but because banks are uniquely able to create money and credit, they wield an influence over companies and projects that few other entities can approach. In short, bank lending has the power to make or break new energy, agriculture and manufacturing markets, and to heavily influence how those markets affect the climate.

While a great deal of welcome effort is being expended on the role of capital markets in addressing climate change, the role of bank lending has largely been neglected by policy makers and civil society alike. While many banks are making commitments to address climate change, concrete action has been slow to materialize. 2° Lending believes there is an urgent need for a coherent strategy across the whole field of bank lending that will generate climate-positive finance at scale,

2° Lending uses a collaborative innovation methodology that brings representatives of the entire system together in a fast-paced working environment to rapidly develop, test, and bring solutions to scale. This powerful strategic design and facilitation approach develops and implements solutions quickly by engaging a diverse range of stakeholders to learn about the forces at play in the system, identify strategic intervention points, ideate and prototype solutions, and refine analysis and strategies. Proven across diverse systems, supply chains and industries—from solar to recycled paper to investing—the methodology brings stakeholders together to solve problems that no single business or organization can solve alone.


2° Lending seeks a highly motivated and dynamic Director to lead, animate, and coordinate the 2° Lending network. This position offers the right person a unique opportunity to play a senior role in the strategic development and implementation of an innovative and influential network that will shift bank lending towards climate-positive outcomes at scale.

The Director will work closely with the 2° Lending Design Team and the co-chairs of each initiative groups to support strategy development and cohesiveness, both within the initiatives and across the network as a whole. The successful candidate will be responsible for building and managing relationships across a diverse sector—banks, municipal governments, regulators, asset managers, insurance companies, anchor institutions, civil society leaders, etc.—to generate trust, deep collaboration, and meaningful impact, and will oversee a Program Associate and work closely with the network’s two backbone organizations, The Democracy Collaborative in Washington, DC and Positive Money in London, to manage fundraising, project budget and administrative management, and the coordination of meeting logistics.

As part of a larger community of purpose and practice, the Director will work towards embedding and leveraging the network’s activities within the architecture of the climate change movement, as well as within emerging efforts to make the financial system more sustainable, fair and inclusive.

2° Lending’s innovation network is organized around a strategic framework that includes a suite of activities designed to i) grow a diverse ecosystem of banks and financial services institutions that generate climate-positive lending at scale, while ii) dramatically reducing the financing available for continuing fossil fuel development and other climate-negative activities. These activities are currently focused on launching and implementing four initiatives:

  1. International Climate Bank – To design and establish (in coordination and collaboration with any similar efforts underway) a global financial services institution that offers full spectrum financing for climate initiatives around the world with the greatest potential for GHG drawdown. This institution would work through intermediary financial institutions to aggregate 2°-aligned projects in sectors such as transportation and agriculture.

  2. 2° City Finance Lab – To create an accelerator for those jurisdictions on the brink of establishing cutting-edge new strategies and institutions for financing a climate-safe economy, including new regional and local public and community banks. It will ensure that where new banking models are being created, climate is front and center among the aims of these new local financial systems.

  3. ON3 Campaign – To launch a public campaign among key bank influencers and stakeholders that demands of commercial banks that they eliminate all new fossil fuel financing within three years. The campaign will create an early-adopter club of banks committed to this aim.

  4. Bank Decarbonization Charter – To create a global charter to be signed by all large banks (GSIB, DSIB) that commits them to: a year-on-year 20 percent reduction of CO2 concentration on balance sheet and on gross new lending; a corresponding increase in allocation to climate positive solutions; a reporting framework; and, in time, a move to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Decarbonization Charter will use Platform Carbon Accounting Financial methodology ( ) underpinned by science-based targets—ultimately the drivers of this objective.

While the network will focus initially in Europe and North America, it expects that the effect of shifting lending within banking institutions in these countries will have a global effect.

The position involves travel for network and initiative meetings, stakeholder briefings, and fundraising. The Director will preferably work out of The Democracy Collaborative’s office in Washington, DC, but the option of working out of Positive Money’s office in London is also an option.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Provide high-level strategy and leadership for the 2° Lending Network, collaborating with Design Team members to develop and implement strategy and network activities that will align bank lending and credit with the goal of keeping the planet below a 2°C rise in temperature.
  2. Build, animate and manage relationships across the network’s diverse membership , including working with initiative co-chairs to: i) ensure that initiative members are effectively engaged; ii) identify human resource gaps in initiatives; and iii) lead new initiative member engagement.
  3. Coordinate closely with 2° Lending Backbone Organizations to efficiently and professionally manage 2° Lending fundraising, administration, and deliverables.
  4. Provide planning and leadership support to the initiatives within 2° Lending, including those related to strategy, implementation, learning, budgeting, logistics, and reporting.
  5. Oversee the successful public launch and ongoing management of 2° Lending, including maintaining and evaluating specific initiatives and projects within 2° Lending .
  6. Manage and support network research needs. Work with the Design Team and initiative members to identify research needs and carry out or fulfil research projects.
  7. Serve as the point person responsible for producing key project deliverables in a timely manner, including meeting reports, special research projects, and other outputs.
  8. Oversee the work of project staff, including a Program Associate, and contract researchers and facilitators as needed.
  9. Support TDC fundraising and budgeting for 2° Lending with corporate and foundation partners to ensure the project’s financial goals are met for participant fees, foundation grants and special project funding from private entities, with support from TDC, Positive Money, and members of the 2° Lending network. This includes overseeing the production of grant reports and communications materials as necessary.
  10. Manage network communications and stakeholder relations, including constructing compelling narratives, producing materials for variety of audiences, overseeing the production and quality control of outgoing work products, and creatively combining a variety of technologies, tools and formats to stimulate thinking and debate.
  11. Professionally represent 2° Lending and The Democracy Collaborative (or Positive Money) both internally and externally, ensuring knowledge gained is converted into “knowledge capital,” including how to successfully launch and manage Innovation Networks and shift sectors toward sustainability. Support strategy, planning and operational needs of TDC (or Positive Money) in delivering on its obligations to 2° Lending and its partners and funders


The successful candidate will have the following minimum qualifications:

  • Professional experience or advanced degree in business, finance or other relevant/related field preferred.
  • 5-7 years’ experience in a senior project management role with at least 2-3 years’ experience working on climate change issues.
  • Successful experience working in service to a broad range of clients and stakeholders in a manner that enables and inspires collective action and impact.
  • Collaborative leadership skills including facilitation, ability to hold the center for divergent views, and the ability to manage polarities.
  • Negotiating experience and the ability to move groups both quickly and collaboratively on key priorities.
  • A compelling combination of confidence and humility that fosters confidence among 2° Lending’s diverse stakeholders.
  • Ability to rapidly develop and absorb new strategies and ideas in a quickly changing environment.
  • Ability to manage, coordinate and provide leadership to multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Proven ability to establish and maintain good relationships with donors, writing grant applications and reports, and effectively distilling and communicating learning and progress.
  • Keen interest in learning about and understanding the financial tools, instruments, and macroeconomic forces that shape the economy’s relationship to climate change.
  • Outstanding interpersonal communication skills.
  • Superb written and oral communication skills, including the ability to communicate complex information succinctly.
  • Attention to detail and strong organizational skills.
  • Competence in MS Word, Excel, Outlook, and numerous databases.
  • High proficiency with PowerPoint preferred.
  • Ability to work effectively and efficiently with minimal supervision.
  • Willingness to be flexible, adaptable and proactive in a dynamic work environment.
  • Ability and willingness to travel (both domestically and internationally) as needed.
  • Passion for environmental and social issues.
  • Commitment to the mission and values of 2° Lending and The Democracy Collaborative and/or Positive Money.

You will be a good fit for this position if:

  • You believe passionately in the importance of making positive changes to the banking and financial system to protect the climate.
  • You understand that system change is hard and you are eager to work with all willing partners to make progress.
  • You have urgency to get things done, and you also understand that sometimes change is neither linear nor immediately obvious.
  • You understand the complexity of managing collaborative innovation processes, and you are comfortable with uncertainty.
  • You are comfortable working in an environment with many remote stakeholders.
  • You have a growth mindset and see every situation as an opportunity to learn.
  • You use your resourcefulness to find creative solutions.
  • You like a good laugh, and you take your work seriously, but you don’t take yourself too seriously.

The Democracy Collaborative:

Through our cutting edge research and our many diverse programs, The Democracy Collaborative works to carry out a vision of a new economic system where shared ownership and control creates more equitable and inclusive outcomes, fosters ecological sustainability, and promotes flourishing democratic and community life.

More information can be found at

The Democracy Collaborative is an Equal Opportunity Employer—people of color, immigrants, people with disabilities, women, and LGBTQ candidates are strongly encouraged to apply; we are committed to a diverse workplace, and to supporting our staff with ongoing career development opportunities.

How to Apply:

Send cover letter and resume to Joe Guinan:

Joe Guinan
The Democracy Collaborative
1200 18 th Street NW, Ste. 1225
Washington DC 20036

No calls, please.