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Edward Kamonjoh

Director, 2° Lending Network

Edward Kamonjoh is the Director of the 2° Lending Network. Prior to that Edward served as Executive Director for the 50/50 Climate Resource Project, as well as the head of U.S. Strategic Research and Analysis at ISS. Edward previously headed ISS’ ESG Research team and was a member of ISS’ Global Policy Setting Board. 

Edward has over 15 years of ESG experience and has worked with some of the world’s largest institutional investors to assess the completeness of their investment policies and evaluate whether their ESG practices comport with underlying investment mandates, fiduciary obligations, and risk management objectives. Edward also has extensive experience engaging corporate board and c-suite members and senior staff at institutional investment establishments on corporate governance, executive compensation and ESG topics. He has authored several publications and studies on corporate governance, environmental and social topics.