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Jarvis: This is about more than ketchup

Anne Jarvis

City governments across Canada are joining the movement for a different kind of economic development– one that is inclusive of all people, regardless of race or class:

This is about more than French’s ketchup. It’s about seizing control of our economy. It comes as more cities desperate for jobs try a radical new strategy for economic development. It’s called community wealth building, and it focuses on local business. The idea is to create a more stable, sustainable economy that can better withstand the buffets of global forces. More than that, it’s about sharing the fruits.

It’s the opposite of globalization, says The Democracy Collaborative, a leading community wealth building group in the United States. It’s localization. Cities that used to think they can’t do much to create jobs, that they’re subject to rich, multinational corporations, are learning they can do a lot... Read full article.