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Jessica Rose

Chief Financial Officer & Director, Employee Ownership Programs

Jessica Rose is a national employee ownership business strategist, who focuses on the unique role of capital to drive scale. She advises cities, grant-makers, and investors on cutting-edge models to expand economic opportunity through employee ownership and is deeply involved in the research and development of innovative, on-the ground employee-owned business development and financing models.  

Jessica has a background as an entrepreneur and investment analyst, holds an MBA from the University of Notre Dame, is a Certified ESOP Fiduciary, and a Research Fellow with Rutgers University's Institute for Employee Ownership and Profit Sharing, for research into the role of capital in scaling employee ownership.  She is an editor of the Fifty by Fifty newsletter and blog and her work has appeared in Common Dreams, The Daily Yonder, and The Albany Times-Union.  

Jessica's personal journey out of poverty and subsequent community organizing experience inspired her interest in employee ownership as a tool to address wealth inequality and empower workers.  She has been recognized with the 2018 Mendoza College of Business Alumni award for her work to promote socially responsible business models. She is passionate about alternative finance, social enterprise, and other cutting-edge market-based solutions to inequality.

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