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Kaylee Thornley

Special Assistant to the Co-Founder, Gar Alperovitz

Kaylee Thornley began working at the Democracy Collaborative in August 2016 after graduating from Northland College with a degree in Sustainable Community Development. Her interdisciplinary degree focused on the intersections between environmental, social, and economic systems. During college, Kaylee worked for three years as a Research Assistant at Northland College’s Center for Rural Communities (CRC). Her work at the CRC focused on rural community development, including topics such as assets and amenities, social capital, food systems, agricultural and environmental issues, lake and water management, and public health. 

Kaylee is looking forward to lending her administrative skills to the Democracy Collaborative’s co-founder, Gar Alperovitz. She is also excited about assisting with research and learning more about community wealth building and alternative economic systems. Outside of work, Kaylee can usually be found outdoors, running, camping, skiing, or canoeing.

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