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Mapping the appropriations process that will decide the fate of federal support for inclusive community development

While advocates for the federal infrastructure for inclusive community development have been justifiably alarmed at the White House's draconian budget proposal, which outlines severe cuts to or wholesale elimination of programs with demonstrated beneficial impact for the our country's most economically marginalized communities, the real decisions about which programs will be funded and at what levels will be made in the Appropriations committees in the House and Senate.  Below, we've mapped out in which appropriations subcommittee the fate of each of the programs we are following on our "Rolling Back Inclusion" tracker will be decided, together with links to the members from both parties in each of those subcommittees, with links to their phone, email, and social media contact information, as a resource to help those concerned about federal support for community development learn how to make their voices heard.

View the standalone version of our data here

This is a working document. We hope and intend to make this effort a collaborative process. If you have thoughts, comments, ideas, corrections, or material to include or exclude, please contact us at