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Martin Freeman

Senior Associate, Healthcare Engagement

In the Engaged Practice Division; Martin manages relationships with a diverse array of stakeholders including senior leaders of executive, corporate, and nonprofit institutions.  

Currently, Martin provides strategic support to the Healthcare Anchor Network--a network representing $150 billion in investment assets, $50 billion in annual purchasing power, and over 1 million employees across 30+ leading health systems across the United States.

Within the Healthcare Engagement team at The Democracy Collaborative in the Washington, D.C. office; Martin facilitates and structures workflows of day-to-day business operations to scale and sustain Healthcare Anchor Network programming. He deploys Agile methodologies and Lean service management across multiple work streams; including plans for semi-annual conferences and public convenings.

In addition to leading presentations, webinars, and workshops for a myriad of health system work groups Martin enables the success of the healthcare engagement team through contributions in research, primary and secondary; writing briefs, blog articles, long form reports and analysis.

After spending nearly a decade in the managed healthcare sector, the driving question for him was, “How can health systems be more regenerative?”

Realizing the critical role health systems play in building community health as well as community wealth,  The Democracy Collaborative, as the premier innovator and leading national voice in the field of Community Wealth Building, provides a platform catalyze change not only in the healthcare industry, but also transform our economy.  

Here, Martin will engage in ongoing intellectual work and thought leadership of but not limited to: policy development, community-focused work, equitable and inclusive growth, environmental, social, and institutional sustainability, inclusive outcomes, and asset-based paradigm of economic development.

Mr. Freeman received his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Georgia State University and is an M.B.A. Candidate at Bard MBA in Sustainability in New York City. When Martin is not on an airplane, train, or leading workshops; you can find him playing chess, riding motorcycles, or cooking in the kitchen.