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Peter Gowan

Policy Associate

Peter Gowan joined the Democracy Collaborative in June 2018 and now works as a Policy Associate. He is a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin with a dual-major BA in History and Political Science, and recently completed an M.A. in Political Communications at Dublin City University.

Peter’s research focuses on housing, political economy and alternative models of ownership. He previously interned with Irish parliamentarians Róisín Shortall and Catherine Murphy, contributing to labor market and housing policy development, and also contributed to the People’s Policy Project, producing research on codetermination, the Meidner Plan, and social housing. His work has been cited in the Washington Post, The Guardian, Politico, Mother Jones, The Nation, Jacobin, and elsewhere, and his current research focusses on right-to-own worker buyouts and the Inclusive Ownership Funds proposal.

Recent blog posts: