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Why Labour is obsessed with Greek politics

Duncan Robinson

Duncan Robinson writes for the Economist, "Why Labour is obsessed with Greek politics." In this article, Robinson, explains the relations between the fears/hopes of  Greek politics and relationship to Labour. Director of the The Next System Project, Joe Guinan is Quoted:

Three years on, however, Syriza now serves as another warning to some on the left. The parable of Mr Tsipras’s eventual capitulation—his radical government brought to heel by capital markets and an intransigent European Union—is seeping into the left’s consciousness. Support for the Syriza government has dwindled in Greece. Former members accuse the leadership of treachery. “The left loves a good betrayal,” says Joe Guinan, a fellow at the Democracy Collaborative, an American think-tank. After Labour’s better-than-expected result in last year’s general election, fears of Pasokification have been placated. Now some Labour activists wonder if, in office, it could fall victim to Syrizification.

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