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Felipe Barroso - Project Manager, Analytics & Impact, Healthcare Anchor Network

Felipe Barroso - Project Manager, Analytics & Impact, Healthcare Anchor Network

Felipe Barroso joined The Democracy Collaborative’s Healthcare Anchor Network team in January 2018. As the Project Manager for Analytics & Impact, Felipe helps hospitals and health systems leverage their business practices, such as hiring, purchasing, and investment, to support inclusive, sustainable communities through their participation in the Healthcare Anchor Network. The network represents $150 billion in investment assets, $50 billion in annual purchasing power, and over 1 million employees across 50 leading health systems across the U.S.

Prior to joining The Democracy Collaborative, Felipe worked at Prosperity Now, where he carried out market research to better align individual asset building programs from partners across the U.S to consumers’ needs. Felipe also has a background on community development, having worked as a Graduate Research Assistant at the Center for Community Vitality of the University of Minnesota. Felipe co-authored the article “The Silver Tsunami and Rural Small Business Retention: What Can Communities Do?”, published on the Journal of the Community Development Society, which looks at community responses to the impending retirement wave of “baby boomers” as well as at drivers of effective small business succession in rural Minnesota.

Besides contributing to community wealth building during his day job, Felipe likes to stay engaged with community organizations that contribute to social justice, assisting with business development, helping strengthen internal capacity, and providing research support. Playing soccer and riding his bicycle are other activities that compete for his free time.

Felipe is a native from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He studied economics at Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Sao Paulo and received a Master’s of Development Practice in International Development from the University of Minnesota.