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Community Foundation for Northern Virginia partnering with The Democracy Collaborative to launch the Northern Virginia Anchor Collaborative


April 30, 2019

Community Foundation for Northern Virginia partnering with The Democracy Collaborative to launch the Northern Virginia Anchor Collaborative

New initiative will build a more inclusive economy by connecting resources of anchor institutions to community needs

FAIRFAX, VA: Although Northern Virginia enjoys one of the highest incomes in the nation, pockets of deep poverty persist. Overall, 15.9% of the 2.32 million in the region are living at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. Creating an economy that works for all Northern Virginia residents, especially the disproportionately Black and Hispanic communities that lack the opportunities to prosper and build wealth whiter ones enjoy, requires aligning all available resources in the region in a coordinated effort.

Catalyzing such an effort is the aim of the new Northern Virginia Anchor Collaborative (NVAC), spearheaded by the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia (CFNOVA). Inspired by the community wealth building framework established by The Democracy Collaborative, the new initiative will use the resources of “anchor institutions” like nonprofit hospitals and universities and local governments to drive the regional economy in the direction of equity and inclusion, beginning with a pilot project in Fairfax County’s Route 1 Corridor.

Right To Own: A Policy Framework to Catalyze Worker Ownership Transitions

Peter Gowan

Our new report explores the "right to own"—giving workers the right of first refusal anytime their workplace is up for sale—as a strategy to massively scale up employee ownership in the economy. We outline the major provisions and legal changes necessary to enact this right, and the ecosystem of support and financing necessary to make it truly operative for workers.

Building Resiliency through Green Infrastructure: A Community Wealth Building Approach

Worker coops and social enterprises can build the green stormwater infrastructure our cities need for climate resiliency—while also building community wealth.  Read more about Building Resiliency through Green Infrastructure: A Community Wealth Building Approach...

January 2019 Anchor Collaborative Convening

From January 16th to 18th, 2019 the second Anchor Collaborative Convening brought together 55 leaders and champions of anchor collaboratives from 25 communities across the US and Canada. The Democracy Collaborative would like to extend our immense gratitude to New Orleans Business Alliance (NOLABA), The Annie E. Casey Foundation, and to all of our participants who brought thoughtful, fun and creative energy throughout.

Urban and Metropolitan Universities: The Transformative Power of Anchor Institutions

Emily Sladek, Guest Editor

‘Urban and Metropolitan Universities: The Transformative Power of Anchor Institutions’ focuses on the role of urban and metropolitan universities as anchor institutions in their community to address long standing inequities. Anchor institutions are nonprofit or public institutions that are rooted in place. These institutions have a mission to serve and are the largest employers and purchaser of goods and services in many communities. Also, they have other assets and capacities that can be leveraged to support reciprocal community development, including local hiring, procurement, and investment practices. Anchor mission strategies involve the entire university, including the business, community partnership, administrative, research and academic divisions.

Metropolitan Universities journal (MUJ) is the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities’ quarterly online journal. This special issue, guest edited by The Democracy Collaborative's Emily Sladek, is an initiative of TDC and CUMU's Higher Education Anchor Mission Initiative.

An Indigenous Approach to Community Wealth Building: A Lakota Translation

Stephanie Gutierrez, co-founder of Hope Nation LLC, explores hows effective community wealth building in Native communities depends on an active process of cultural translation. Read more about An Indigenous Approach to Community Wealth Building: A Lakota Translation...

Our Common Wealth: The return of public ownership in the United States

Thomas Hanna

Public ownership is more widespread and popular in the United States than is commonly understood. This book is the most comprehensive and up-to-date analysis of the scope and scale of U.S. public ownership, debunking frequent misconceptions about the alleged inefficiency and underperformance of public ownership and arguing that it offers powerful, flexible solutions to current problems of inequality, instability, and unsustainability- explaining why after decades of privatization it is making a comeback, including in the agenda of Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party in Britain. Hanna offers a vision of deploying new forms of democratized public ownership broadly, across multiple sectors, as a key ingredient of any next system beyond corporate capitalism. This book is a valuable, extensively researched resource that sets out the past record and future possibilities of public ownership at a time when ever more people are searching for answers.

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Connecting healthcare anchors and communities

Our twice-annual Healthcare Anchor Network (HAN) convenings are largely designed as spaces for the over 35 member hospitals and health systems to roll up their sleeves and get to work building collaborative tools and strategies to advance the anchor mission. But we also like to take time to zoom out, put big questions on the table, and connect with social innovators and community leaders in our host city. Read more about Connecting healthcare anchors and communities...

Community Control of Land and Housing

Exploring strategies for combating displacement, expanding ownership, and building community wealth. Read more about Community Control of Land and Housing...