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Jason Jaffery - Director of Philanthropy

Jason Jaffery - Director of Philanthropy

Throughout his twenty-two year career in public service, Jason Jaffery has lent his energy and leadership skills to mission-driven organizations dedicated to long-term social change.
Jason has been privileged to work on causes such as housing for people with HIV and AIDS; provision of emergency food to economically disadvantaged families; free medical care; the protection of constitutional rights; and economic and racial justice. He believes that philanthropy is a form of activism, and has worked with organizations and individuals, in both a professional capacity and as a volunteer, to fully realize their fundraising and giving as a tool for social change.
His personal motivation has always been the preservation and protection of human dignity through social and economic justice. He strives to inspire people to work together as a community to address core social issues, particularly economic inequality.
Our current cultural and historical climate presents an opportunity for great change, particularly if big ideas are pursued with courage and creativity. 
When not working, Jason enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter. In addition to his activism and professional work, he is a musician, writer, and passionate consumer of pop culture.