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Jules Peck - Fellow

Jules Peck - Fellow

Jules Peck has a thirty year career working on sustainable development within and at the interfaces of the worlds of business, government and civil society. Jules is also Founder and Convener of the Real Economy Lab, a connector of change-makers in the next economy.

He is a Founder Director of Avon Mutual, a Community Bank, Trustee of nef (the New Economics Foundation), a member of the Advisory Board of Richard Branson’s B Team, a Director of the Happy City movement, a member of the Influence Map advisory board, an Associate of The Futures Company and a Founding Partner at strategy consulting firm Jericho Chambers.

One third of his career has been in and around politics at the EC and with the UN, in London and in Washington as well as Directing David Cameron’s Quality of Life Commission. One third has been in corporate purpose and sustainability where he has worked with CEOs, Boards and senior executives of many of the world’s largest companies. One third has been in the civil society and social enterprise space, for example with WWF where he was Global Policy Adviser for five years.

The focus of Jules’ research Fellowship at Democracy Collaborativeis as part of the Next System Project’s work on New Systems: Possibilities and Proposals, comparing and contrasting diverse visions of a ‘next system’ in order to sense-make and understand their gaps, overlaps and tensions and to attempt synthesis and identify practical ways forward for new/next economy practice and research.

The outcomes of this research will form the basis of ongoing Democracy Collaborative outreach to thinkers and practitioners on new/next economics in order to support this ecosystem of change to practically work on transitioning us towards a next system.