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To accompany our new report Educate and Empower: Tools for Building Community Wealth, we’ve produced this oversized doublesided 30” poster broadsheet, with the aim of distilling the key lessons of the report into an accessible and engaging format for broad distribution. 

If you’d like a copy, we’re happy to drop a copy in the mail for a small charge to help us cover costs, and can also send out bundles of 20 if you’d like to use the poster for education and outreach. Email us at for more info.

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Communities Building Their Own Economies

Steve Dubb writes for the Stanford Social Innovation Review on the importance of having access to tools that educate and empower low-income communities to shape their economic future: Empowering communities to take control of economic development is slow, patient work—and people funding or

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How Communities Can Build Wealth by Knocking on Doors

In Next City, Oscar Perry Abello looks at how our new report Educate and Empower highlights key strategies for building stronger community wealth building initiatives. “’People know that there are door-knocking campaigns and community organizers do it all the time, but have they thought of this

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Educate and Empower screenshot

Educate and Empower: Tools for Building Community Wealth

Low-income communities and communities of color, in challenging structural economic and social inequality, have historically grappled with tensions inherent to development. Who participates in, directs, and ultimately owns the economic-development process? This report draws on case studies of 11 different community economic development initiatives from across the U.S. to highlight a diverse set of powerful answers to this and other critical questions.

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