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A joint event podium for the Cleveland Clinic and Evergreen Energy Solutions

Resources for anchor institutions

How anchor institutions can leverage their resources to build community wealth read more
An aerial photo of an urban community

Resources for funders and financial institutions

How to support the community wealth building ecosystem read more
A view of the US Capitol

Resources for local government

Getting started on advancing community wealth building through local policy read more
A community celebrating a solar array

Resources for community partners

How to advance community wealth building in your geography read more
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Ownership futures

If the 21st century is to be one of genuinely shared prosperity that is democratic and sustainable by design, new, more democratic models of public ownership will be needed for the commanding heights of the next economy, including our digital and natural resources. read more
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Democracy Collaborative Newsletter Archive

Our monthly updates on the movement toward the democratic economy. read more
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About The Democracy Collaborative

The Democracy Collaborative is a research and development lab for the democratic economy. The Democracy Collaborative’s mission is to demonstrate in theory and in practice the principles of a democratic economy, offering a vision of what that economy can be, designing models that demonstrate how it operates, and building in coalition with others the pathways to a new reality. read more

Consulting and Advisory Services

We offer a variety of services to community stakeholders—local governments, community foundations, grassroots organizations, anchor institutions and collaboratives—interested in advancing a democratic economy, from initial grounding workshops and facilitated convenings to long-term place-based engagements and cohort network building. To start a conversation about whether we can help you advance your work to build community wealth, email us at read more
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Next-generation enterprise design

We envision an entirely new concept of the company and a redefined role for capital and its institutions that are based on a new mandate to serve broad well-being and the public good. read more