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  • A community wealth building movement
February 7, 2020

A community wealth building movement

Community wealth building (CWB) is a system-changing approach to community economic development. It works to produce broadly shared economic prosperity, racial equity, and ecological sustainability through the reconfiguration of institutions and local economies on the basis of greater democratic ownership, participation, and control.

The traditional local economic development paradigm, which uses public resources to attract corporations and is designed to extract wealth and real estate capital in ways that displace communities, has been fundamentally broken for some time—but for too long many local policymakers believed this broken game was the only one to play. 

A signature achievement of The Democracy Collaborative has been our success in introducing and amplifying a real alternative: community wealth building. Multiple cities in the US, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere are now institutionalizing this paradigm in their planning and work, showing how economic growth can be rooted in communities for the primary benefit of workers and residents. In what way we have brought a new sense of radical possibility to the field of local economic development. 

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April 18, 2022
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Find a broad range of resources on community wealth building at

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