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  • Leveraging anchor institutions
February 3, 2020

Leveraging anchor institutions

We are creating a national movement of anchor institutions working together to build community wealth.

We are at the vanguard of a movement to enlist nonprofit anchor institutions like hospitals and universities in the construction of a democratic economy. Now in its third year, our Healthcare Anchor Network brings together over 45 leading hospitals and health systems, collectively employing over 1.5 million people, to advance the anchor mission.

By harnessing the healthcare sector’s economic power and aligning it with the democratic economy, these systems can help address the economic determinants of community health. We work within this network to lift up the boldest innovations—like health systems supporting worker cooperatives or community land trusts—and center them as new norms for the sector.

Partnering with the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities, in September of 2019 we launched the Anchor Learning Network—35 universities dedicated to advancing the state of community engagement and the anchor mission through peer learning and a common data platform to track impact.

In 2019, we also launched the Anchor Collaborative Network—22 local initiatives in which anchor institutions are working together to amplify their collective impact for a democratic economy.

April 24, 2020
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Health Systems and Housing: Collaborating to Promote Affordable Housing Policy Opportunities

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, authorities have urged Americans to stay home, and a growing number of cities and states are ordering residents to shelter in place, underscoring the critical need for safe, secure housing for all. As government leaders mobilize to immediately support people

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Anchor Collaboratives: Building bridges with place-based partnerships and anchor institutions

How anchor institutions can collaborate locally, leveraging the power of their economic assets to address social and economic disparities and to revitalize their communities.

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Anchor Dashboard report

Higher Education’s Anchor Mission: Measuring place-based engagement

This report examines how an ongoing — and expanding — effort to track the impact of colleges and universities on the financial and social well-being of their surrounding neighborhoods is helping these anchor institutions align their resources to build stronger community partnerships and create more inclusive local economies.

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Hospitals Aligned for Healthy Communities hiring screenshot

Hospitals aligned for healthy communities: Inclusive, local hiring

Establishing a local and inclusive hiring strategy is an important first step towards rethinking your health system’s role in the community. This toolkit can help you get started.

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Hospitals Aligned for Healthy Communities sourcing screenshot

Hospitals aligned for healthy communities: Inclusive, local sourcing

This toolkit on local and diverse purchasing showcases examples of how hospitals and health systems are reevaluating their roles as their community’s largest purchasers, understanding that a thriving local economy is fundamental to a healthy community.

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Hospitals Aligned for Healthy Communities: Place-based Investing

Nationally, health systems have an estimated $400 billion in investment assets. Redirecting even a small portion of these resources to place-based investments would shift billions of dollars toward addressing economic and environmental disparities in local communities. It would allow institutions to

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The Anchor Dashboard: Aligning Institutional Practice to Meet Low-Income Community Needs

This study seeks to introduce a framework that can assist anchor institutions in understanding their impact on the community and, in particular, their impact on the welfare of low-income children and families in those communities.

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Can Hospitals Heal America's Communities? screenshot

Can hospitals heal America's communities?

Can hospitals and health systems heal America’s communities? This paper illuminates the possibilities and explores how “all in for mission” is the emerging healthcare model.

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Reimagining Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Supply Chains

The Democracy Collaborative prepared a report, created for the Healthcare Anchor Network, which details the current status of the supply chain of PPE, the market shifts caused by COVID-19, and the potential solutions to ensure capacity within US health systems for the future.

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