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Building Wealth: The New Asset-Based Approach to Solving Social and Economic Problems

Centering community and place Fighting for a new systemic vision

This report helps illuminate and bring attention to the vast range of efforts currently underway. We hope that this report may facilitate conversation, connection, and collaboration among those working within the field, and encourage the support and participation of new constituencies that previously have not been involved in democratic, wealth-building programs that address the many difficult challenges facing America’s communities.


Publication date: 2005-04-30
Publisher: Aspen Institute
Publication URL: Download from Aspen Institute
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Reimagining Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Supply Chains

The Democracy Collaborative prepared a report, created for the Healthcare Anchor Network, which details the current status of the supply chain of PPE, the market shifts caused by COVID-19, and the potential solutions to ensure capacity within US health systems for the future.

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October 24, 2020
The New Systems Reader

The New Systems Reader: A 'landmark book' for an unprecedented time

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