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Children's Hospital of Philadelphia joins statement declaring racism a public health crisis

Demanding racial equity Mobilizing anchor institutions

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia joined Healthcare Anchor Network in its statement “It is undeniable: Racism is a public health crisis.” CHOP and other health care systems signed the statement, announcing a commitment to combating racial injustices in health care, and have highlighted this commitment in articles on The Daily Pennsylvanian, Mirage News, PR Newswire, Pennsylvanian Capital-Star, and The Philadelphia Tribune. In its press release, CHOP commits to working with its peer institutions to combat discrimination in healthcare.

““We are committed to listening to our neighbors of color and implementing initiatives that will help to eradicate all forms of discrimination.” -CHOP Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer Gilbert Davis  

Read the article at The Daily Pennsylvanian

Read the article at Mirage News

Read the article at PR Newswire

Read the article at Pennsylvanian Capital-Star

Read the article at The Philadelphia Tribune

Publication date: 2020-09-29
Publisher: The Daily Pennsylvanian
Publication URL: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia joins statement declaring racism a public health crisis

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