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The Clean Power Checkerboard

Gar Alperovitz writes for TruthOut on Obama’s accouncement of the Clean Power Plan that would be mobilized state-by-state to provide potentially far-reaching results in what Alperovitz calls the checkerboard strategy. He recalls the politically impossibility of same-sex marriage 15 years ago, but now it’s the law of the land. Could clean power follow in those footsteps?

state-by-state checkerboard strategy can be powerful: Same-sex marriage seemed like a political impossibility at the start of the millennium; 15 years later, it’s the law of the land. In the New Deal era, much of what ultimately became Roosevelt’s signature social and economic programs was a product of the checkerboard strategy as well, prototyped in the local “laboratories of democracy.” A strategic breakthrough at the state rather than federal level might one day make it possible to tell a similar story about the fight for a just energy transition.

Read the full article on TruthOut.

Publication date: 2015-09-09
Parent publication: Truthout
Publication URL: The Clean Power Checkerboard

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