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The Death of the Fossil Fuel Industry Could Be Disastrous for Workers. Now’s the Time to Nationalise It

Transitioning to ecological sustainability Expanding democratic ownership

With so many firms already begging for bailouts, governments could simply demand equity in exchange for aid, making full use of the powers that the Obama administration wilfully abandoned when it bailed out the auto industry in 2009. Especially for the US, even buying up a 51% stake in the country’s largest coal, oil and gas producers, as suggested by researchers at the Democracy Collaborative, would be relatively cheap; the total market capitalisation of ExxonMobil yesterday was just $173bn. BP was worth just $73bn.

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Publication date: 2020-12-08
Publisher: Novara Media
Publication URL: The Death of the Fossil Fuel Industry Could Be Disastrous for Workers. Now’s the Time to Nationalise It

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November 19, 2020
We can't wait to see you again (Nick Bolton/Unsplash)

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YouGov-Democracy Collaborative 2020 poll

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The 2020 poll by YouGov for The Democracy Collaborative shows broad support for innovative policies that lead to a reparative and sustainable economy in which wealth and power are shared broadly.
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