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Ayrshire Council CWB

Expert panel drive new council economic model

Centering community and place

The council recently launched its Community Wealth Building (CWB) strategy which sets out how the council and other ‘anchor’ organisations – including NHS Ayrshire & Arran, Ayrshire College and wider partners – will work in partnership with communities and businesses to build a strong economy which supports fair work, encourages local spend and uses land and property for the common good.

Joining Sarah on the panel are: Miriam Brett (Common Wealth think tank), Joe Guinan, (The Democracy Collaborative), Laurie Macfarlane (openDemocracy), Ian Mitchell (Community Enterprise in Scotland), Jess Thomas (Co-operatives UK), Roz Foyer (Scottish Trade Union Council), Sarah McKinley (Democracy Collaborative) and Neil McInroy, (Centre for Local Economic Strategies).

Read the entire article at Irvine Times.

Publication date: 2020-05-31
Parent publication: Irvine Times
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