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LETTER: 'Own Our Future' by establishing Community Wealth

Expanding democratic ownership Fighting for a new systemic vision

“The Democracy Collaborative, with its 20-plus years of work, attracted the world’s best and highly motivated participants from every discipline as well as multiple onsite projects and initiatives. Perhaps the most stimulating experiences during hours of confinement can be found by clicking onto this web site. Community Wealth leaves no one out of the loop and the wisdom to implement such economic, social and environmental momentum is awaiting your input. The scope of this new effort is so encompassing that it will take every voice offering thoughts of a better future so “We the People” can Own Our Future.”

Read the full Letter to the Editor at Finger Lakes Times

Publication date: 2021-01-07
Publisher: Finger Lakes Times
Publication URL: LETTER: 'Own Our Future' by establishing Community Wealth

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