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Nationalize Silicon Valley

Expanding democratic ownership Redesigning the enterprise

Thomas Hanna, Research Director at The Democracy Collaborative and Co-Director of the organization’s Theory, Policy, and Research Division, was quoted in an article by Pedro Gonzalez about the need to nationalize silicon valley and the historic precedent of similar forms of nationalization.

“[T]he United States actually has a long and rich tradition of nationalizing private enterprise, especially during times of economic and social crisis.” 

Former presidents Woodrow Wilson, Richard Nixon and even Ronald Reagan engaged in nationalization. Hanna notes that “this approach has often been deployed when private companies are hindering national efforts to address a crisis (either through obstruction, incompetence, or incapacity).

Read the full article at American Greatness

Publication date: 2020-10-19
Publisher: American Greatness
Publication URL: Nationalize Silicon Valley

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