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Podcast: Is capitalism racist?

Demanding racial equity Fighting for a new systemic vision

Part of the politics are in the conversation because once we start calculating what is owed, we begin to realise that only a complete transformation could accomplish it.

For Ron Daniels of the National African American Reparations Commission and Ronald Galvin of the Democracy Collaborative, the important question is not how much must be paid, but rather how much must change. In the US context, they say that the system of racial capitalism must be overturned and replaced with ‘a democratic and reparative economy.’

Ronald Galvin: At the Democracy Collaborative, we’ve been doing some thinking around reparations as an immediate response to trauma as an event. But then also, what a democratic, reparative economy would actually look like. 

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Publication date: 2020-09-29
Publisher: openDemocracy
Publication URL: Podcast: Is capitalism racist?

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