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The role of impact investors in taking employee ownership to scale

Expanding democratic ownership

On January 18th, 2017, The Fifty by Fifty Initiative joined The Foundation for Enterprise Development and the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations to convene a meeting on the role of impact investors in taking employee ownership to scale. Hosted in New Brunswick, NJ the meeting brought together leaders in the employee ownership field with impact investors to examine barriers and opportunities for moving more impact capital into employee ownership.

The purpose of the session was to discuss the role that impact investors can play in Fifty by Fifty’s goal of reaching 50 million employee owners in the United States by 2050. While employee-owned businesses have historically used a wide range of financial tools, the role of private equity and impact investors has been limited to date. Participants in this session took a deeper look at barriers, opportunities and resources for connecting the gaps between investors and employee-owned firms.

Publication date: 2017-01-17
Publisher: The Democracy Collaborative
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