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Template for a Cooperative Network of Small Architecture Practices

Redesigning the enterprise Mobilizing anchor institutions

Worker-owned cooperatives are increasingly taking hold in the U.S in response to extreme pressures on American workers in the current economy. A leading organization in this movement is the Democracy Collaborative, that has created a series of worker-owned coops in Cleveland, OH, called the Evergreen Cooperatives. Their model uses an anchor institution, in this case the Cleveland Clinic, as a center of economic activity whose many needs—laundry, vegetables, energy, database technologies, etc—can be fulfilled by a series of cooperatives.

After forming these and other cooperatives across the US, the Democracy Collaborative and other similar groups are focused on helping employees buy out owners that are reaching retirement age. 

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Publication date: 2020-08-12
Publisher: MAS Context
Publication URL: Template for a Cooperative Network of Small Architecture Practices

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