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How to Make a Democratic Economy

In this week’s episode of The Laura Flanders Show, Marjorie Kelly and Ted Howard of the Democracy Collaborative talk about their new book The Making of a Democratic Economy and explain what steps we need to take in order to create an economy that works for everyone. Watch the video at The Laura
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CLES/Ted Howard Webinar

Community Wealth Building in the Era of COVID-19

On 14th May 2020 Ted Howard, President and Co-Founder of The Democracy Collaborative, and Neil McInroy, Chief Executive of CLES were joined in conversation by Stephanie Flanders, Senior Executive Editor for Economics at Bloomberg and Head of Bloomberg Economics. Together they explored the role that

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Economic Update - Worker Co-Ops Rising Screenshot

Economic Update: Worker Co-Ops Rising

Prof. Richard Wolff interviews John Duda, Director of Communications at the Democracy Collaborative and one of the founders of Red Emma’s bookstore and coffeehouse, a 30-member worker cooperative in Baltimore.
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Enacting Progressive Policies Means Changing Our Culture Screenshot

Enacting Progressive Policies Means Changing Our Culture

Peter Gowan, resident fellow at The Next System Project, joins Ring of Fire’s Sam Seder to talk about laying the foundation for Bernie Sanders’s progressive policies. They discuss Peter’s piece “A Plan To Win Socialism In America,” published in Jacobin.
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Johanna Bozuwa: The People Should Own the Power (Utilities)

Johanna Bozuwa, Democracy Collaborative research associate, comments on the responsibility that PG&E holds for the deadliest wildfires in California’s history and for climate change.
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Revolution at the Federal Reserve - Nomi Prins and Thomas Hanna Screenshot

Revolution at the Federal Reserve: Nomi Prins and Thomas Hanna

Laura Flanders speaks to former Goldman Sachs managing director Nomi Prins, author of “Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World,” and the Democracy Collaborative’s Thomas Hanna believe that banking, and development, could be very different.
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Hundreds Disrupt Global Climate Action Summit, Demand Climate Justice Screenshot

Hundreds Disrupt Global Climate Action Summit, Demand Climate Justice

Civic and business leaders convened at California Governor Jerry Brown’s Global Climate Action Summit, but protestors decried their “false solutions” to the climate crisis. Johanna Bozuwa offers thoughts on the public voice’s power against large corporations.
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Jessica Rose Speaks at ECONOUS 2017

Jessica Rose, CFO and Director of Employee Ownership Programs, spoke at ECONOUS 2017 on a plenary on Good Jobs. She speaks on Evergreen Cooperatives and her work with The Democracy Collaborative at 27:54, 41:23, and 56:52 in the video below.
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A Conversation on Employee and Community Ownership Screenshot

A Conversation on Employee and Community Ownership

Matt Cropp, Associate Director of Vermont Employee Ownership Center and Marjorie Kelly, Executive Vice President of Democracy Collaborative, discuss employee and community ownership, with a specific discussion of the Keep BT Local Campaign.
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