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Owning Our Future After COVID-19

The Democracy Collaborative is putting forward a five-point plan for national economic reconstruction and community transformation as the nation faces a once-in-a-generation opening to build a better world.
Owning our future after COVID-19
The Democracy Collaborative is putting forward a five-point plan for national economic reconstruction and community transformation as the nation faces a once-in-a-generation opening to build a better world.

After the insurrection: Defeating Trumpism, rebuilding America

Our message about how we must respond to the 2017 Charlottesville tragedy is even more relevant after the attack on the US Capitol by Donald Trump supporters.

A Common Platform: Reimagining data and platforms

Digital platforms have proven indispensable to how we live, work, and play. The challenge is to liberate the democratic and enlivening potential of the platform from the logic of concentrated corporate ownership and profit maximization.

Our poll shows a popular mandate for bold moves toward a democratic economy

The 2020 poll by YouGov for The Democracy Collaborative shows broad support for innovative policies that lead to a reparative and sustainable economy in which wealth and power are shared broadly.

The New Systems Reader: A 'landmark book' for an unprecedented time

This book highlights some of the most thoughtful, substantive, and promising answers to how to reshape an economy battered by a global pandemic on top of the looming climate crisis, chronic structural racism, and worsening wealth inequities.

How we are building the democratic economy....

A view of the US Capitol

Theory and Policy for a Next System

Working on both sides of the Atlantic, we are advancing bold interventions in transformative policy that move the window of possibility decisively towards systemic change.
A joint event podium for the Cleveland Clinic and Evergreen Energy Solutions

Leveraging Anchor Institutions

We are creating a national movement of anchor institutions—place-based nonprofits like universities and hospitals—working together to build community wealth.
A raised Black fist in front of a city street

Racial Equity and the Democratic Economy

Building a truly democratic economy means having the courage to collectively center and confront the effects of historical and ongoing racism in the way today’s economy is built.
An aerial photo of an urban community

Catalyzing a movement to build community wealth

We have successfully advanced, defended, and normalized the notion that local economic policy should directly create and support economic institutions that deliver democratic outcomes.
Hands working with fabric

Next Generation Enterprise and Systemic Design

We need to envision and create an entirely new concept of the company—a just and democratic firm—designed for a new mandate: to serve broad well-being and the public good.
A community celebrating a solar array

Climate justice and energy democracy

Our emphasis is where climate and energy meet structural issues of ownership, control, and finance, underscoring the connection between a just transition and a democratic economy.
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This moment presents us with a number of opportunities to reset our democratic conversation, reconstruct our politics, rebuild our communities, and reprioritise and re-value the public sphere…The goal is simple but transformative: a deep and purposeful reorganisation of our economy so that it is

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“[T]here is a growing consensus that the institutional framework that underpins the Green New Deal must be democratic. Common Wealth has argued for the creation of a Green New Deal commission that could bring together ‘communities at the sharp end of environmental and industrial change as well as

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Blue Tent’s Eoin Higgins features the work and mission of The Democracy Collaborative in his piece “The Democracy Collaborative Is On a 30-Year-Plan for Changing the Economy”. “There’s a lot of worker ownership and community development in different parts of the state,” said Alperovitz. “Our goal is

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“A diverse coalition of more than 600 labor, environmental, racial justice, and faith-based organizations delivered a letter Wednesday urging President-elect Joe Biden and his administration to enact a nationwide moratorium on utility disconnections on day one in the White House, stressing that