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Michael Schoop - Board Member; CEO, Scope Unlimited

Michael Schoop - Board Member; CEO, Scope Unlimited

Michael Schoop has more than 20 years of executive experience as a community college dean, vice president, and campus president. He currently serves as president and CEO of Scope Unlimited, a consultancy that designs virtual leadership experiences.

Schoop taught numerous undergraduate courses in writing and composition and graduate courses in community college leadership, history and finance. His most recent courses have focused on the intersection between innovation, economic development, and the growth of community colleges and other learning organizations. He has also given presentations at regional and national conferences on rhetorical theory, innovation and learning, and the future of higher education. 

His involvement with the greater Cleveland community includes serving on the boards of a number of nonprofit organizations, including Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, Burton, Bell Carr, Inc., the Campus District, Inc, and the Black Professional Association Charitable Foundation.

Schoop received his baccalaureate degree from the University of Chicago and both his master’s and doctorate from the University of Maryland.