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Our experts

Ted Howard

President & Co-Founder
Community wealth building, anchor institutions, economic solutions for low-income communities

Gar Alperovitz

Co-Founder, The Democracy Collaborative and Co-Chair, Next System Project
Political economy, wealth inequality, stagnation, political stalemate, systemic crises and solutions

Marjorie Kelly

Executive Vice President & Senior Fellow
Impact investing, community wealth building, cooperatives and employee ownership

Steve Dubb

Senior Fellow
Anchor institutions, university-community partnerships, cooperative development & economic justice

Gus Speth

Distinguished Fellow & Co-Chair, Next System Project
Environment and climate, systemic crises and solutions

Joe Guinan

Executive Director, Next System Project & Senior Fellow
Political economy, limits of social democracy, systemic alternatives

Thomas Hanna

Director of Research
Public ownership, privatization, nationalization, banking

Sarah McKinley

Manager, Community Development Programs
Community economic development, anchor institution strategies, student-community partnerships

David Zuckerman

Manager, Healthcare Engagement
Anchor institutions, community wealth building, poverty and public health

Jessica Bonanno

Chief Financial Officer & Director, Employee Ownership Programs
Impact investing, entrepreneurship, business development