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  • About The Democracy Collaborative
February 21, 2020

About The Democracy Collaborative

The Democracy Collaborative is a research and development lab for the democratic economy.

The mission of The Democracy Collaborative is to help catalyze a moral and political transformation of the US political economy into a next system that is inclusive, just, and ecologically sustainable—in contrast to today’s amoral economy of financial extraction. Transforming ownership and redesigning institutions lies at the heart of this work. Critical to catalyzing such a systemic transformation is overcoming the isolation and despair that prevents us from recognizing ourselves as agents of fundamental historical change. Our goal is an American community in which wealth is democratized, ecological resilience is regenerated, and the marginalized become the core of concern, as the nation reknits the economic fabric of interdependence without which our democracy becomes an empty abstraction.

The Democracy Collaborative turns ideas of systemic design and community wealth building into visions and models that demonstrate new principles of a democratic economy operating within planetary boundaries, while also helping to lay the pathways for systemic transformation. We seek points of maximum leverage that unlock action and inspire on-the-ground change in economic culture, practice, and policy. At the same time, we work to stimulate new thinking about how longer term democratic, systemwide change can be achieved. In these ways, we help communities and our nation lay the foundation for a democratic economy built upon liberty, community, and prosperity for all.

Learn more about our history and read our statement of values.

Explore how we are building the democratic economy:

A view of the US Capitol

Theory and Policy for a Next System

Working on both sides of the Atlantic, we are advancing bold interventions in transformative policy that move the window of possibility decisively towards systemic change. read more
A joint event podium for the Cleveland Clinic and Evergreen Energy Solutions

Leveraging Anchor Institutions

We are creating a national movement of anchor institutions—place-based nonprofits like universities and hospitals—working together to build community wealth. read more
A raised Black fist in front of a city street

Racial Equity and the Democratic Economy

Building a truly democratic economy means having the courage to collectively center and confront the effects of historical and ongoing racism in the way today’s economy is built. read more
An aerial photo of an urban community

Catalyzing a movement to build community wealth

We have successfully advanced, defended, and normalized the notion that local economic policy should directly create and support economic institutions that deliver democratic outcomes. read more
Hands working with fabric

Next Generation Enterprise and Systemic Design

We need to envision and create an entirely new concept of the company—a just and democratic firm—designed for a new mandate: to serve broad well-being and the public good. read more
A community celebrating a solar array

Climate justice and energy democracy

Our emphasis is where climate and energy meet structural issues of ownership, control, and finance, underscoring the connection between a just transition and a democratic economy. read more